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Beverly Stovall (Dilges)
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retired Widowed 1 1956
What a great idea for us to check in with our FCHS friends and famiy!  Hope it is greatly used! Send Beverly a MessageSend Beverly a Message
Byron Songer
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Self-employed, Retired Married 3 1965

After high school graduation I attended Oakland City College in Indiana. During the school term I worked one night a week at Fairfield Memorial Hospital but worked full-time during the summer months. I received a B.S. in Music Education and went on to Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville. There I received the Master of Church Music degree. I was engaged in full-time church work from 1971 through 1985 serving in Scottsville, Kentucky and Louisville.

I left full-time church ministry to manage a computer dealership while serving on a part-time basis at a Presbyterian church. In 1990 I started working under contract for Apple, Inc. beginning as an education representative covering portions of Kentucky and Southern Indiana.

In 2000 I became an employee of Apple in the position of Systems Engineer serving the education market in Kentucky.

In 2006 I left Apple to form my own consulting business doing network services and wireless infrastructure design as well as data management solutions using a cross-platform product called FileMaker. Shortly after that moved I became an adjunct professor at Jefferson Community and Technical College teaching music history. Later on, I was took on an additional responsibility as a consultant in the Writing Center. Along the way my business transitioned from computer networking to web development and graphic design while maintaining involvement in database development.

There are times I have felt like a renaissance man because my work involvement seemed to be a moving target. Though what paid the bills changed, I remained an active participant in the life of a church because at my core is a deep faith in God, fellow.

Today my wife and I are living in our motorhome since we sold our home in June of 2014.

My first wife of 34 years and I had a son, Jeremy, in 1974. We later separated and divorced. 2004 I married Martha Shealy from Athens, Georgia. She had two daughters from a former marriage. We met through eHarmony which, by the way, works well.
In 2007 we bought our first motorhome and began taking lengthy vacations and weekend trips. We like the lifestyle so much that we sold our home in Louisville in June of 2014. We have been living full time in our Newmar Dutch Star motorhome since then.  Eventually, we hope to spend some time in all the lower 48 plus take a trip to Alaska. The problem is, every time we go some place we add more things to our bucket list.

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David Land
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Retired Married 3 1968
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Elbert Dickey
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Dean Emeritus Married 4 1965
After graduating from FCHS, I attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.  Kem McGehee and I roomed together during our freshman year at U of I and Gene Vaughan lived across the street from the dorm that Kem and I lived in.
In 1968, I met Peggy Smith from Mt. Erie and we married in 1969. With support from Peggy, I graduated from University of Illinois in 1970 with dual BS degrees - Agricultural Science from the College of Agriculture and Agricultural Engineering from the College of Engineering.
After a short time with the Illinois Department of Highways, faculty at University of Illinois contacted me about a research position. That position led to my completion of MS and PhD degrees in Agricultural Engineering.
In 1978, Peggy and our daughters, Michelle and Julie, moved to Lincoln, Nebraska where I had accepted an Assistant Professor position in Agricultural Engineering at the University of Nebraska. Daughter Lisa and son Matthew were born in Lincoln.
In 1991, I was named Assistant Dean of University of Nebraska Extension and in 1999, I became Dean and Director of U of N Extension. While in the dean position, I also served for two years as the Extension and Education Advisor to the Cooperative State Research Education and Extension Service of USDA in Washington, DC on a half-time basis. In June of 2012, I retired from University of Nebraska with the title of Dean Emeritus. In January, 2014, I was asked to serve as interim Executive Director of eXtension, a web based entity created by the extension directors and administrators from across the country. That assignment ended in May, 2015. I do however, continue to serve as the principal investigator on three major eXtension projects. That assignment should end by August, 2016.
Our four children have all married and have presented us with seven grandchildren. Our children all have BS degrees from University of Nebraska and Michelle and Matthew have MS degrees. Their successes have been our greatest accompllishment and much of the credit goes to Peggy. I seemed to always be in a meeting of some type while our kids were growing up.
Peggy and I enjoy travelling and have been in all 50 states and a few different countries. We have seen and done some amazing things and are currently on a quest to see as many of the National Parks as we can.
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Evelyn Samford (Doty)
Retired Married 4 1956
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Evelyn Samford (Doty)
Retired Married 4 1956
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Gene Martin
Married 1 1963
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Gloria Naney (McDuffy)
Retired Married 3 1969
This will be interesting to see how many FCHS Alumni will get on here & actually load their information!  Hope there will be more interest soon! Send Gloria a MessageSend Gloria a Message
Jan Duke (Korneta)
Retired educator Widowed 1963
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Jane Puckett (Miller)
Retired Married 2 1965
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Jim Stovall
Product Manager Married 3 1965
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Judith Land (Moore)
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Retired Married 4 1965
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Judy Cable (Griswold)
volunteer Married 2 1968
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June Martin (Wilson)
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Married 2 1962
I encourage all FCHS alumni to share photos, memories this website.  Send June a MessageSend June a Message
Karen Simpson (Singleterry)
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Cashier Single 1 1965
Lots of moving around, including Panama 1968-1970.
Picture taken in fall of 2013
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Kristi McGill (Hornung)
Business owner Married 1972
Great time last night! Congrats to the committee on another successful weekend.
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Marti Gray
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retired, University administrator 1965
After high school, I received an AA degree from Southern Illinois University in 1967 but returned to SIU night school to work on a Bachelor's degree.   While going to school, I got married and moved to Los Angeles; then to several different places in Oregon; and finally went back to school and received my bachelor's degree from Southern Oregon Univesrsity.  My goal of becoming a high school teacher never quite worked out, so I went back to school and finished an MBA at San Diego State University.  After working in the business division in corporations and universities , I moved into the auxiliary services area and eventually became the CEO and Executive Director of the Cal State San Marcos Foundation, a non-profit corporation which administered university research grants and owned and operated food services, bookstores, student housing and child care centers.   My career was challenging and interesting and gave me opportunities to travel and participate at state and national levels in industry related associations.   
I got divorced along the way and have come to enjoy the single life very much.  I have a widespread group of friends in San Diego and throughout the country and try to stay in touch with them.   I learned to enjoy working with governing boards and am presently serving on one state board and one local board.   I travel to Fairfield several times a year to see my parents and help with their independent living.    
I still love learning new things, experiencing new sites and travel, and sitting in my back yard reading a good book.    And I really am happy that my backyard is in San Diego, California.
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Mary Walter
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retired Divorced 3 1964
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Pam Dalton (Woods)
retired Married 3 1966
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Patricia French (Christensen)
retired Married 2 1966
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Robyn Hicks (Davenport)
Retired Married 2 1970
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Sharon Reever (Perrow)
Retired Married 3 1966
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Sue Reeves (Aman)
Married 3 1974
I loved growing up in Fairfield.  The place and the people had a huge impact on the person I became.

I grew up in a wonderful neighborhood, making the neighborhood circuit each day.  I visited Warner’s Grocery Store, stopped by the home of Bobby Neal’s mother and dad to watch the only color TV I knew existed, or next door at Mrs. Young’s (Bobby Neal’s grandmother) to watch her sew.

Does anyone still call him Bobby Neal?  As a kid, I thought his last name was Neal, even though I knew his mom and dad were Genevieve and Elmo Young.  I never heard him called Bob, always Bobby Neal.

I went across the street where Mr. Johnson let me cut up chunks of wood with his foot pedal saw, then down the block to jump on Theofanopoulos’ trampoline, a real neighborhood draw.

Mrs. Rickard lived across the street where she sat on her front pouch and strummed the Illinois Loyalty song on her guitar. Shewould swear our dog, Rusty, talked to her. Mac Martin lived down the street and he and my Dad raised game cocks, a totally non-PC thing.

I spent about half of my childhood in Katie and Gene Large’s yard, usually damning up the ditch to play in the ditch water until the city showed up to open them back up again.
I was at the pool when they lifted the metal doors at opening, and they were usually shoving me out at 9 pm that night. I walked to the park every day in the summer, frequently getting my flip flops (my daughter cringes when I call them thongs) stuck in the oiled and chipped street.

In the summer, I followed the trucks blowing mosquito fog (probably DDT for all I know) and at Halloween, I went Trick or Treating every night for a week, going repeatedly to the homes that gave out the good stuff.

I received my first spanking in Kindergarten at North Side. In fifth grade, I had to sit in the corner in the back of the room, away from the rest of the class, in an attempt to stop me from talking. (It didn’t work.) In eighth grade home room, I was, assigned the closet in the back of the room as locker space, because I couldn't be trusted to have a locker in the hallway. I was frequently questioned, “Aren’t you those nice Reeves’ boy little sister.”  I did not live up to my legacy.

The best gift I received in elementary school, was being a part of the band.  Mryl Newcomb taught me to read and to enjoy music. I eventually played my clarinet at the University of Illinois and love music today.

My teachers at FCHS were excellent. When I went to the University of Illinois, I found myself much better prepared in math and English than most of my peers that all came from Chicago suburban schools. I found out that everyone at U of I from Chicago actually prepared to take the ACT.  Not me, I just showed up and took it.

I have never really "let go" of Fairfield, it was a great place to grow up and the people were and are fantastic!
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Thomas (Tom) Hodge
retired Married 1 1965
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Vicki Gray (Lee)
Married 2 1966
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William (Butch) Etheridge
Retired Married 1 1966
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